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The delivery of health care has not kept up with the pace of evolving technologies. Sparrow Health has created a platform to partner with physicians, modernize the way they manage their practices and provide services to their patients.

Sparrow Health provides the following benefits to providers :

Save Time

Saves & protects your time

Time and effort required to provide uninsured services adds up quickly for physicians and their staff. Our solution reduces the time spent on these services, enabling you to redirect your resources to where they are most needed.

Gain Efficiency

Gain Efficiency

We enable you to be able to dedicate focused time for completing uninsured services. Batching decisions can help avoid decision fatigue and provider burnout.

Increase Revenue

Providing uninsured services can take up a significant amount of time and resources, both for you and your staff. Sparrow Health can improve remuneration for such services to help ensure the sustainable delivery of these essential services for your patients well into the future.

Empower Your Staff

Empower your staff

Allow your staff to have the tools they need facilitate patient requests and manage patient expectations. Your staff can now help patients process requests over the phone or in person. Reduce communication issues between your patients and their pharmacies, spend less time on the phone, scanner, or fax machine.

Empower Your Patients

Empower your patients

Enables your patients to take charge of their health needs. They can make their own requests online, or they can opt to process their requests through your staff in person or by phone. This can reduce the need to involve pharmacists for prescription refills, and save your patient’s time.

More To Come

More to come!

We’re adding new features and technologies to further enhance your practices