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Value for patients

You can now conveniently request services from your own doctor, from anywhere and save time while avoiding the waiting room, or needing to visit a clinic. Get the continuity of care and expert opinion from your doctor.

Pricing for Patients

Service pricing varies depending on the provider.
Please log into your profile to see the pricing plans offered by your physician.

Available Services Default Recommended
Pay-Per-Service Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription
Price per request $7.99/month
(1 credit/month)
(12 credits/year)
Prescription Renewal(s)* $20 1 credit 1 credit
Illness and Return to Work $20 1 credit 1 credit
Physiotherapy Prescription $20 1 credit 1 credit
Massage Therapy Prescription $20 1 credit 1 credit
Chiropractor Therapy Prescription $20 1 credit 1 credit
Orthotics Prescription $20 1 credit 1 credit
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* – You can request multiple medications renewals at once at no added charge (or use of extra credits). Providers will review your request on a case-by-case basis and the length of renewal is ultimately at their discretion, practices may vary but generally, a year supply is provided. Keep in mind that a patient’s health history and the type of medication(s) may affect the length of time your prescriber can safely provide your renewal.

Annual subscribers get all
12 credits immediately!

1 free credit

with sign up, then one credit
monthly thereafter.

2 free credit

Get all 12 credits +
2 free credits

Alternative options

For medication refills, you can book a regular appointment with your doctor. Your Provincial Health Insurance plan will cover medication refills with visits, but none of the other services listed above are covered by your Provincial Health Insurance plan.